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About Us

We know reselling secondhand clothes is nothing new.

our approach is different.


It’s a hunt. It’s a quest. It’s magic.

It’s the dopamine release of the shirt of your dreams held in your paws for pennies on the dollar

But where are the high quality online-thrift stores that remember the promise of a thrift store: saving money, not marking up clothing until it’s almost as high as the original? When did the menacing thread count of Big Thrift take over? (we made up this term and are proud).

We are Native Good.  And we were born to smash down the current gatekeeping of thrift shopping for everyday fashionistas. 

For they are our people.

And they look damn fine in fuchsia.

Our quest is matching users to cool, unique clothes they probably wouldn’t find themselves.  By bundling these items, we remove the name brand friction and make it easier for the everyday fashionista to find pieces they love, not labels.  We pay extra for sustainable, recycled packaging. Because Mother Earth is a hot mama and deserves to keep rocking her leaves and flowers.

We empower mom, pop and cool aunt thrift stores everywhere.

And ultimately, help build a world where clothing doesn’t end up in landfills and worn by rats, who don’t even know how to accessorize.


It’s magic.

It’s Native.

It’s Good.

It’s Native Good.

See what we did there?

Join us.  We’ll be the well-dressed ones with extra money for beer.

we don't need to remind you about clothing waste.

But we will! 90% of "recycled" clothing is burnt or trashed... even pieces that start in thrift stores! Our mission is to create a company that empowers through the impact of secondhand shopping. We empower the earth by reducing the amount of clothes bought and tossed, and empower her people by creating a voice for local stores (and causes!) to reach wider audiences.

We care about local communities and so do our partners


Where We Source Our Products

Austin TX | Houston TX | Dallas TX | San Antonio TX

Albuquerque NM | Ruidoso NM | Santa Fe NM

Boulder CO | Denver CO | Colorado Springs CO

Los Angeles CA | San Diego CA

Atlanta GA | Savannah GA

and more!