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Get to Know Us

Yes, we assure you we’re very legit, and it kind of hurts our feelings that this is a frequently asked question.

We are working hard to pioneer a new kind of online thrift shopping, one that is both stylish and sustainable. Ideally, we hope to be your go-to instead of fast fashion for cool, one of a kind pieces. And we can all sleep better knowing we’re not harming the earth manufacturing styles that are bound to go out in a couple months (remember those jelly heels that sawed into your feet? Why was that a thing?)
From thrift stores across the US! Our founders (the people who are definitely not writing these FAQ answers in third-person) grew up thrift shopping every weekend, and still know all the good spots that haven’t been “boutique-ified” yet. We’ve spent years making inroads with different thrift brands in cool places to supply our customers with the best clothing pieces at affordable costs. Since our team primarily lives in Austin, there will be lots of pieces from here that we pick up when we’re out and about. Some other spots we love include Denver, CO (especially for outdoor and sportswear) and Los Angeles, CA (hello, band shirts?).
That’s not a question.
Great question, imaginary person. No, we aren’t screwing over thrift stores, or you for that matter. In fact, they’re our partners. Thrift stores mark-up clothes where demand for them is high. We want to ensure that, say, an individual who lives in California where everything including secondhand clothing is really, really expensive, gets the same price as someone who lives in Texas or North Carolina or Minnesota. By sourcing secondhand clothes from Minnesota, we help out the thrift shops where demand is lower, we help out the planet by not manufacturing fast fashion, and we help out you for getting the most affordable price possible.
Besides the categories of items in each bundle (shirts, shorts, jeans, etc.), no. But we hope you trust us enough to make the mystery part of the fun. Keep in mind, we’re not algorithmic robots that have siloed you into 325 categories and know what you’ll like before you even look at our site--we’re just people who are passionate about style and thrifting and sustainability, so if you don’t absolutely love your box, we offer a good return policy.
We started as a couple of friends who took vacations to find cool thrift shops. You have every right to make fun of us for this. In our humblest of opinions, the best way to really see a city’s culture is through secondhand shops as they are a direct, unfettered reflection of the people in it.

Flash forward to now: we used to hoard our treasures for ourselves, but now we want to share them with you! Our primary goal is to save you the numerous trips to the small towns and stores, so we’ve compiled the coolest things for you here.

Products and Ordering

NativeGood pledges to only send clothes we would wear ourselves, and we’d like to think we have good taste, thank you very much. We have a vast network of sourcers and thrift stores across the US that work to find the coolest pieces (with an emphasis on vintage clothes!) at the best prices we can get you. While you may feel like this process is a bit of a clothing lottery, we hope to build confidence with a fun shopping experience and solid return policy for any items you don’t love.
We mostly utilize the sizing on the tags of each garment and sort products that way. That’s how retailers seem to do it. However, we do recommend sizing up on the T-Shirts if you like a baggy look. Vintage sizes are a little tricky sometimes, but we do our best to match conventional modern sizing! Keep in mind, we like you, potential customer. We want you to be happy so you order again and therefore we will make exchanging as easy as possible.
We are judging our success by if you order again. We want you to love everything in your bundle, and if you don’t, please, please let us know. The only person on our team who would take it personally will stay far away from these kinds of feedback emails. And obviously, we’ll help you make an exchange right away!
This is on our roadmap! We’d love to be the pioneer of sustainable outfit making but want to build trust with our customers first.
We are here for you! Email Abby at for all your questions and needs-- or just to say hi. Abby is the best and would love to talk to you about clothing or sustainability or what you had for breakfast. What we’re saying is Abby is lonely. We also have a Contact Us page!

Shipping and Returns

We ask for your patience for us to source the perfect bundle. Normally we’re quite speedy (and damn proud of it. Yes we’re one of those #cool companies that swears sometimes), but could take up to 5 days to ship your order. Shipping takes anywhere between 2-7 days. Extra nervous? Give us a shout via email ( and we’ll do all we can to accommodate your needs.
Once your order is placed, you’ll receive a confirmation email letting you know we’ve received your order. Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a separate email with your tracking information. We currently are utilizing ground shipping, which takes anywhere between 2-7 days via Fedex. We offer a flat rate of $6 per order, or free if above $50. To prove we’re the real deal, all our packaging is made from recyclable paper in ISO certified facilities powered by solar and is carbon neutral. We hope you love the boxes enough to reuse those, too!
Let's work together and find you something you love. Select the item you want to return and request a refund. Use the provided Refund code (it's just like a gift card code) to buy any new bundle. We just ask you to help us cover shipping.