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We have a personal bone to pick with fast fashion.

We were appalled with the quality and prices of the fast fashion that everyone buys in bulk, wears once, and lets decay in the back of the closet. Traditional thrifting can be time-consuming, tedious, and--on occasion--pretty gross. Then there’s the resurgence in “vintage” finds, where the only simple ways to buy these secondhand items are through Poshmark, Thredup or Depop--all of which charge exorbitant markups.

Enter NativeGood. 

NativeGood works to combat fast fashion from all angles. The mission of the company is to help reduce the amount of clothing headed to landfills from thrift stores, while also supporting these local businesses by allowing them to expand their reach. We accomplish this by creating a business model that sources items from stores across the country and allowing our users to shop in categorized bundles. This allows us to keep our prices low and our “inventory” full. Try us out today!

we don't need to remind you about clothing waste.

But we will! 90% of "recycled" clothing is burnt or trashed... even pieces that start in thrift stores! Our mission is to create a company that empowers through the impact of secondhand shopping. We empower the earth by reducing the amount of clothes bought and tossed, and empower her people by creating a voice for local stores (and causes!) to reach wider audiences.

We care about local communities and so do our partners


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